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Equipment is what a player equip to a certain Monster to increase the Equipment Bonus of its Attributes.

Equipment has phases or levels just like monsters, it starts from Green > Blue > Purple > Orange > Yellow/Gold > Red. But unlike monsters, you can't make the same gear change it's phase or level. If you want to start getting blue gears instead of only having green gears, you have to combine 5 green gears to get one blue gear. It's the same process to get the higher ones.

There are many ways to increase the Equipment Attributes. These includes:

  • Upgrading the equipment;
  • Boosting the equipment;
  • Leveling up the equipment quality;
  • Switching to a higher level sets of equipment;
  • Equipping a full set for a set bonus; and
  • Equipping Runes to equipment.

Equipment Upgrade[]

A player can level up or upgrade equipment to increase its basic attributes. The higher level the gear is, the more powerful it is. When a player upgrades equipment, it increases the level, the ATK and the HP of the equipment attribute.

To level up equipment requires certain player's levels and a certain amount of gold that it will consume. The player can choose to whether click the 'One-key' or 'Upgrade'. 'One-key' is just to upgrade up until the level it can be upgraded to, while the 'Upgrade' is just to level up once. It is much more quicker to click 'One-key' if a player is upgrading a new gear. There's a critical chance for equipment to upgrade.

The cost is the same as one-time upgrade but the equipment will upgrade for 2~N levels when the critical chance occurs.

An equipment's max level is based on player's level and its boost level.

The phase/level of equipment affects its basic attributes, so a level 100 blue gear is still better than a level 100 green gear and a level 100 purple gear is better than a level 100 blue gear and etc.

Equipment Boost[]

Player level 32 to unlock. A player can boost equipment by using other gears. A gear needs to be boosted to increase the maximum level and the initial attribute of that specific gear. When you boost equipment, it also increases the basic attributes of it. The maximum boost for a gear is seven boosts.

  • Boost+1: Max level increases to 50.
  • Boost+2: Max level increases to 60.
  • Boost+3: Max level increases to 75.
  • Boost+4: Max level increases to 90.
  • Boost+5: Max level increases to 105.
  • Boost+6: Max level increases to 125.
  • Boost+7: Max level increases to 150.

Boost requires a piece of equipment with the same quality.

  • To boost Green gears to seven, it needs seven other Green gears.
  • To boost Blue gears to seven, it needs seven other Blue gears.
  • To boost Purple gears to seven, it needs one Blue gear and six other Purple gears.
  • To boost Orange gears to seven, it needs one Purple gear and six other Orange gears.
  • To boost Yellow/Gold gears to seven, it needs one Orange gear and six other Yellow/Gold gears.
  • To boost Red gears to seven, it needs one Yellow/Gold gear and six other Red gears.

Equipment Reset[]

A player uses Pokestones to reset an equipment. When a player resets equipment, all boost materials, 80% reforge crystals, and level up gold will be refunded and the gear will go back to its original quality and level. Meaning, the gear is back to square one. Usually, a player only reset a gear to replace it with a better one and sometimes it's just to get back the boost materials, reforge crystals and the level up gold.

  • Green equipment reset requires 1 Pokestone.
  • Blue equipment reset requires 2 Pokestones.
  • Purple equipment reset requires 5 Pokestones.
  • Orange equipment reset requires 10 Pokestones.
  • Gold equipment reset requires 20 Pokestones.
  • Red equipment reset requires 30 Pokestones.

Equipment Reforge (Gear Quality)[]

Player level 36 to unlock. Equipment has qualities that starts from Common > Good > Rare > Epic > Legendary. These 5 qualities are relating to 5 growth zones, once the equipment's growth points have reached to a required zone, it will be promoted to a higher quality.

You can increase the quality of equipment by reforging it using Reforge Crystals. When you reforge a gear, it increases the ATK Growth and HP Growth and may increase the quality. It's not 100% guarantee that if you reforge it will be successful, it may decrease instead.

The required Reforge Crystals to reforge once increases with different level/phase gear. (Green gears only need one, Blue gears need two, Purple gears need three, Orange gears need four, Yellow/Gold gears need five and Red gears need six.)

Ways to get Equipment[]

Equipment is useful to help strengthen a Monster, but you can't jut randomly acquire them.

There are many ways to get equipment in the game. Mainly in these places:

You can also get them through these by chance:

  • Exploring places in Adventure
  • Opening Gold/Silver/Bronze Chests
  • Opening Endless Trials' chests (Available once every 5 levels)

Equipment Center[]

Directly getting an Equipment[]

There are three options to get an equipment here:

  • Draw an equipment using an Equipment Card. It requires 10 Equipment Cards to get one equipment. There are two ways to get an Equipment card: One, finish a level in the Champion's Tower. The number of Equipment Cards that you might obtain is random. You can get Green-Orange equipment. May get 3,000 gold if you go with this option.
  • Purchase an equipment with 360 Pokestones. The daily first buy reduces 77% of the price so it'll be 80 Pokestones, but after buying the first one, you'll end with the option to buy from there with 360 Pokestones. You can get Blue-Orange equipment. May get 50,000 gold if you go with this option.
  • Purchase Equipmentx10 with 3600 Pokestones. You can get at lease one Orange equipment. With the Gear Discount Season Event, you can buy it with 20% of the price off of it, meaning you'll only need 2560 Pokestones. You may get 500,000 gold if you go with this option.

Combining Equipment[]

Like what's mentioned on the first paragraph of this article, an equipment has phases/levels like a monster. From Green > Blue > Purple > Orange > Yellow > Red.

Using 5 pieces of equipment with the same color or same phase/level, you can combine them together and get one superior one. An example is 5 green equipment, when you combine them, you get 1 blue equipment. Combine 5 blue equipment and you get 1 purple equipment. The same process for far more superior ones.

You can't combine for free, the higher the phase/level of the equipment you'll combine, the higher the price it. You use gold to combine them.

Identify and Baptize[]

Requires to pass any difficulty in Factory-Gem Cave to unlock.


Purple or above equipment can be identified by using Reforge Crystal to add extra attributes.

Baptize Equipment[]

In the Baptize Page, you can place one piece of the identified equipment as main equipment on the left, and place another one as material on the right (material equipment should be the same part as main equipment). Choose one of the extra attributes or a blank position to baptize.

System will randomly replace this attribute with one of all extra attributes on material equipment. After baptism, material equipment will disappear. You can also switch attributes between main and material equipment by switch function (Material equipment should be the same part as main equipment.) After switching, material equipment will not disappear.

Extra Attributes of Equipment[]
  • Absolute Defense: Protect a part of own defense from being influenced by enemy's ignoring defense.
  • Freeze Resistance: Shorten the duration of being frozen.
  • Slow Resistance: Shorten the duration of being slow.
  • Blind Resistance: Shorten the duration of being blind.
  • Rampage Down Resistance: When influenced by skill of reducing Rampage, decrease Rampage reduced.

EQ Chests[]

You can get EQ Chests from events. The EQ Chest varies from Purple EQ Chest to a more superior ones. You have 100% chance to get that kind of equipment, but what the equipment is actually is, it's random.

List of Equipment[]

There are tons of gears that a player can find in the game. Some are meant for specific Monster Class for the Set Bonuses. You can put a set that is meant for a Strike type monster to a Guard type monster and the Set Bonus is still active, but it isn't as useful and effective when you equip it to a Strike type monster.

If the gear doesn't have the following: (Strike); (Guard); (Blast); (Support) after their names, it means that they're not included in a set.

(The gears that are not included in a set are arrange in an alphabetical order.)

Green Equipment[]

  1. Basic Armor
  2. Basic Boots
  3. Basic Helmet
  4. Basic Sword
  5. Gold Pendant
  6. Gold Ring
  7. Guard Armor
  8. Guard Pendant
  9. Guard Sword
  10. Hit Boots
  11. Lost Armor
  12. Lucky Sword
  13. Seek Armor
  14. Silver Ring
  15. Star Pendant
  16. Steel Ring
  17. Tech Helmet
  18. Turbo Boots
  19. War Helmet
  20. Wings Boots

Blue Equipment[]

  1. Captain Armor
  2. Fete Sword
  3. Owl Pendant
  4. Spy Hood
  5. Newer Sword (Strike)
  6. Newer Ring (Strike)
  7. Newer Pendant (Strike)
  8. Newer Helmet (Strike)
  9. Newer Armor (Strike)
  10. Newer Boots (Strike)
  11. Tough Sword (Guard)
  12. Tough Mind (Guard)
  13. Tough Pendant (Guard)
  14. Tough Helmet (Guard)
  15. Tough Armor (Guard)
  16. Tough Boots (Guard)

Purple Gears[]

  1. Anger Boots
  2. Assassin
  3. Dash Guard
  4. Motive Ring
  5. Niello Ring
  6. Flame Sword (Blast)
  7. Flame Ring (Blast)
  8. Flame Pendant (Blast)
  9. Flame Hood (Blast)
  10. Flame Armor (Blast)
  11. Flame Boots (Blast)
  12. Hero Bow (Assist/Support)
  13. Hero Ring (Assist/Support)
  14. Hero Pendant (Assist/Support)
  15. Hero Helmet (Assist/Support)
  16. Hero Armor (Assist/Support)
  17. Hero Boots (Assist/Support)
  18. Master Sword (Strike)
  19. Master Ring (Strike)
  20. Master Pendant (Strike)
  21. Master Helmet (Strike)
  22. Master Armor (Strike)
  23. Master Boots (Strike)
  24. Resist Sword (Guard)
  25. Resist Ring (Guard)
  26. Resist Pendant (Guard)
  27. Resist Helmet (Guard)
  28. Resist Armor (Guard)
  29. Resist Boots (Guard)

Orange Equipment[]

  1. Ash Mask
  2. Dark Ring
  3. Dash Armor
  4. Heart Armor
  5. Move Boots
  6. Release
  7. Relieve Ring
  8. Soul Hunter
  9. Spirit Amulet
  10. Wings Boots
  11. Smash Sword (Guard)
  12. Smash Ring (Guard)
  13. Smash Pendant (Guard)
  14. Smash Helmet (Guard)
  15. Smash Armor (Guard)
  16. Smash Boots (Guard)
  17. Burn Sword (Blast)
  18. Burn Ring (Blast)
  19. Burn Pendant (Blast)
  20. Burn Helmet (Blast)
  21. Burn Armor (Blast)
  22. Burn Boots (Blast)
  23. Time Bow (Assist/Support)
  24. Time Ring (Assist/Support)
  25. Time Pendant (Assist/Support)
  26. Time Hood (Assist/Support)
  27. Time Armor (Assist/Support)
  28. Time Boots (Assist/Support)
  29. No. 1 Sword (Strike)
  30. No. 1 Ring (Strike)
  31. No. 1 Pendant (Strike)
  32. No. 1 Helmet (Strike)
  33. No. 1 Armor (Strike)
  34. No. 1 Boots (Strike)

Yellow/Gold Gears[]

  1. Blood Armor
  2. Curse Sword
  3. Doom Boots
  4. Judgement
  5. Magic Armor
  6. Magic Pendant
  7. Magic Boots
  8. Myth Magic
  9. Sphinx Eye
  10. Sun Helmet
  11. Grudge Sword (Guard)
  12. Grudge Ring (Guard)
  13. Grudge Pendant (Guard)
  14. Grudge Helmet (Guard)
  15. Grudge Armor (Guard)
  16. Grudge Boots (Guard)
  17. Ash Sword (Blast)
  18. Ash Ring (Blast)
  19. Ash Pendant (Blast)
  20. Ash Helmet (Blast)
  21. Ash Armor (Blast)
  22. Ash Boots (Blast)
  23. Lord Sword (Strike)
  24. Lord Ring (Strike)
  25. Lord Pendant (Strike)
  26. Lord Helmet (Strike)
  27. Lord Armor (Strike)
  28. Lord Boots (Strike)
  29. Eternal Bow (Assist/Support)
  30. Eternal Ring (Assist/Support)
  31. Eternal Light (Assist/Support)
  32. Eternal Hood (Assist/Support)
  33. Eternal Armor (Assist/Support)
  34. Eternal Boots (Assist/Support)

Red Equipment[]

  1. Apocalypse Amulet
  2. Death Whisper
  3. Destroyer Armor
  4. Eye of Samsara
  5. Lord's Mask
  6. Soul's Sorrow
  7. Vow Leggings
  8. Void Flame (Blast)
  9. Void Soul (Blast)
  10. Void Pendant (Blast)
  11. Void Hat (Blast)
  12. Void Robe (Blast)
  13. Void Boots (Blast)
  14. Kill Sword (Strike)
  15. Kill Heraldry (Strike)
  16. Kill Heart (Strike)
  17. Kill Helmet (Strike)
  18. Kill Armor (Strike)
  19. Kill Boots (Strike)
  20. Apocalypse Sword (Strike)
  21. Plague Ring (Strike)
  22. Eye of Death (Strike)
  23. Famine Breath (Strike)
  24. Death of End (Strike)
  25. Cursed Chains (Strike)
  26. Earth Sword (Guard)
  27. Earth Ring (Guard)
  28. Earth Pendant (Guard)
  29. Earth Helmet (Guard)
  30. Earth Armor (Guard)
  31. Earth Boots (Guard)
  32. Life Longbow (Assist/Support)
  33. Life Signet (Assist/Support)
  34. Life Pendant (Assist/Support)
  35. Life Hat (Assist/Support)
  36. Life Robe (Assist/Support)
  37. Life Boots (Assist/Support)
  38. Mutation Gun (Blast)
  39. Fantasy Ring (Blast)
  40. Origin Sequence (Blast)
  41. Goggle (Blast)
  42. Mystic Shell (Blast)
  43. Precise Boots (Blast)
  44. Prayer Staff (Assist/Support)
  45. Reborn (Assist/Support)
  46. Chosen One (Assist/Support)
  47. God's Blessing (Assist/Support)
  48. Pure Shoes (Assist/Support)
  49. Dominator (Guard)
  50. Noble Ring (Guard)
  51. Honor Necklace (Guard)
  52. Glorious Crown (Guard)
  53. Royale Fortress (Guard)
  54. Journey Boots (Guard)

Set Bonuses[]

The order of the sets follows how the gears are listed above. Each set has six gears, so every six gears is a set.

Blue Set Bonuses[]

  • Newbie's Will

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Pierce +50

- Equipped 4 Pieces: HP+4%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: ATK+5%

-Equipped 6 Pieces: Attack SPD+5%

  • Tough Mind

- Equipped 3 Pieces: DEF+50

- Equipped 4 Pieces: HP+4%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: HP+5%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: Attack SPD+5%

Purple Set Bonuses[]

  • Flame Ruler

- Equipped 3 Pieces: ATK+5%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: HP+6%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+6%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATK+10%

  • Hero's Faith

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Heal+5

- Equipped 4 Pieces: ATK+6%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Heal+8

- Equipped 6 Pieces: HP+10%

  • Master's Mind

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Pierce+200

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Crit DMG+10%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+6%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATk+10%

  • Resist Fate

- Equipped 3 Pieces: HP+5%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Attack SPD+5%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: HP+8%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: DEF+500

Orange Set Bonuses[]

  • Crush Fate

- Equipped 3 Pieces: HP+10%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Attack SPD+10%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: HP+16%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: DEF+1000

  • Burning Creator

- Equipped 3 Pieces: ATK+10%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: HP+12%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+12%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATK+20%

  • Time's Faith

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Heal+10%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: ATK+12%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Heal+16

- Equipped 6 Pieces: HP+20%

  • Champion's Mind

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Pierce+500

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Crit DMG+20%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+12%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATK+20%

Yellow/Gold Set Bonuses[]

  • Grudge Fate

- Equipped 3 Pieces: HP+13%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Attack SPD+13%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: HP+21%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: DEF+1300

  • Ash Destroyer

- Equipped 3 Pieces: ATK+13%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: HP+16%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+15%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATK+26%

  • King's Will

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Pierce+800

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Crit DMG+30%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+15%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATK+26%

  • Eternal Faith

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Heal+13

- Equipped 4 Pieces: ATK+16%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Heal+21

- Equipped 6 Pieces: HP+26%

Red Set Bonuses[]

  • Void Flame

- Equipped 3 Pieces: ATK+17%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: HP+21%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+20%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATK+34%

  • God Slaughter

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Pierce+1500

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Crit DMG+40%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+20%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATK+34%

  • Ancient Soul

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Pierce+2000

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Crit DMG+52%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+26%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATk+44%

  • Wasted Earth

- Equipped 3 Pieces: HP+20%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Attack SPD+20%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: HP+27%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: DEF+1700

  • Baptism of Life

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Heal+17

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Attack+21%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Heal+27

- Equipped 6 Pieces: HP+34%

  • Origin of Gene

- Equipped 3 Pieces: ATK+22%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: HP+27%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Attack SPD+26%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: ATK+44%

  • Swear of Light

- Equipped 3 Pieces: Heal+22

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Attack+27%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: Heal+35

- Equipped 6 Pieces: HP+44%

  • Dominator

- Equipped 3 Pieces: HP+26%

- Equipped 4 Pieces: Attack SPD+26%

- Equipped 5 Pieces: HP+35%

- Equipped 6 Pieces: DEF+2200

(Note from the Editor: Please do correct if I made mistakes and add some more details and more gears. Thank you.)